PrimeraAdvisors is a consulting firm for providers and buyers of real estate investments. We support German-speaking institutional investors, including family offices, in the evaluation and selection of investment solutions, as well as international asset and fund managers in the conception and marketing of their investment products.

Institutional investors who want to invest in real assets face a variety of decisions and challenges: Not only do they have to define promising regions and sectors, they also have to select the right investment vehicles, structures and, of course, suitable investment managers.

On the other hand, providers of investment solutions developing new products or expanding their investor base also face important questions: For which types of investors are the products suitable? What specific requirements need to be considered in terms of investment style, reporting or tax structuring? Are the marketing materials designed with investors in mind? Are there already comparable competing products?

We see our task in supporting market players on both sides and helping them to succeed through strategic consulting.